Procedure Text

Procedure Text
 Yang dimaksud dengan teks procesedur adalah teks yang isinya tentang cara melakukan sesuatu,cara mengoperasikan sesuatu,membuat/mengolah sesuatu.
Ciri teks prosedur :
  1. Menggunakan simple present tense
  2. Ada langkah-langkah
  3. Menggunakan kalimat perintah
Contoh teks prosedur
Contoh procedure text
Contoh Procedure Text Tentang Makanan – How To Make a Special Fried Rice
  • Salt as you wish.
  • Cayenne pepper as you wish.
  • The sauce as you wish. It can be tomato sauce, spicy sauce, or ketchup.
  • Pepper as you wish.
  • Cooking oil as you wish.
  • The second plate of white rice.
  • 2 cloves garlic.
  • 2 points Eggs / as you wish.
Asian Chinese Fried Rice with Vegetable and Egg with Chopsticks - Royalty-free Fried Rice Stock Photo

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INVITING  ( kelas 8 semester gasal )

To offer something,make a suggestion or to invite somebody to do something,we can use the following sentences :
          Let us (let's )         go to the canteen.
          Shall we                go to the mall?
         Why don't we        jogging in the Stadion 45?

To accept an offer,a suggestion or an invitation,we can say :
  • OK
  • Why don't we?
  • That's agood idea.